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David Cipriani


Dr. David Cipriani

Functional and Aesthetic Dentist

Bespoke dental solutions for optimum health and confidence

I’m Dr. David Cipriani and I’m a progressive generalist dentist. Functional and Aesthetic Dentistry best describes the way I approach things.. My expertise and passion lie in designing tailored dental solutions for those who seek a healthier, more confident life.

My approach involves addressing root causes rather than opting for quick fixes, ensuring lasting results and long-term health. I am also a very practical clinician, and I value a common sense approach to life. If you value the art of dentistry and seek a collaborative, progressive approach, let’s work together to achieve your ideal outcomes.

Dr. David Cipriani

Customised and comprehensive treatment plans:

  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation: From a single tooth to an entire mouth, I use advanced techniques for optimal function and aesthetics.
  • Gum styling: Enhancing smile aesthetics through techniques like gum lifting.
  • Airway considerations: Assessing impacts on airways, ease of breathing and their implications for your dental and greater health.
  • Facial appearance and skin support: Offering Facelift Dentistry and Dental Rejuvenation for a more youthful look.
  • Consultation and second opinions: Professional advice on oral hygiene, dental treatments and overall oral health.
  • Cosmetic smile design: Timeless, detailed designs tailored to your desired look, including veneers, bonding, tooth movement and whitening.
  • Pain management: Addressing head, neck and jaw pain, including therapeutic treatment for TMJ disorder.
  • Sleep implications: Dealing with sleep issues, including apnoea, disordered breathing and snoring.
  • Comfort and well-being: Providing options like sleep dentistry and nitrous oxide (happy gas) for your comfort.
Dr. David Cipriani

Finding my true calling

After initially completing a Commerce degree, I found my true calling in dentistry. My education at the University of Sydney laid the foundation, and post-graduate studies at King’s College London sharpened my skills in cosmetic and reconstructive care.

My long-standing expertise as a progressive generalist dentist has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with patients to not only achieve their aesthetic goals but improve their quality of life. Each smile I work on is a unique story, and I’m grateful to be part of a journey that can shape a fulfilled and confident life.

Dr. David Cipriani
David Cipriani with patient

Exceptional and compassionate dental care

I am committed to continually raising the bar in reconstructive care and, as such, have travelled globally in pursuit of the most progressive materials, processes and techniques in my chosen field.It’s not just a professional commitment, it’s a personal goal to ensure quality care for every one of my patients.

I believe great dentistry sees technical acumen and creativity couple with a caring and empathetic manner, ensuring patients feel calm, heard and respected.

Dr. David Cipriani

My family and my furry companion

I am a proud father, finding daily inspiration in my children’s laughter and curiosity.

And then there’s Izzy, our therapy dog. More than a pet, she is here to welcome you and ease any pre-treatment anxiety. Her presence adds comfort to our space, making it feel like a home away from home.

Dr. David Cipriani