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Dental Crafted Bite Correction

Bite Correction Dentistry

Comfortable and effective solutions

Discover non-surgical options to restore harmony and balance to your bite.

Bite correction

Bite correction, or occlusal correction, involves optimising the way your teeth come together when you bite or chew. This dental treatment aims to enhance the functionality and health of your mouth by addressing any misalignments or imbalances in your bite. It can also be an effective alternative to surgical repositioning of your jaws for aesthetic and functional improvement.

What is the significance of having a proper bite?

Ensuring an even distribution of forces generated during biting and chewing is important. Maintaining a correct bite can prevent certain teeth from experiencing excessive wear and tear, which in turn reduces the likelihood of tooth damage, continual dental maintenance, and premature tooth loss.
Additionally, a well-aligned bite is important for proper jaw function and joint health. If your bite is not functioning efficiently, it will transfer unnecessary stress to your jaw joints, which can result in temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD). This condition may cause symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, clicking or popping sounds in the jaw, and degenerative changes to your jaw joints.

Non-surgical bite correction approach

Surgery is not always necessary to achieve a functional and harmonious bite. In fact, there are many instances, for many patients, where jaw surgery is simply a poor choice. It involves a considerable length of time for treatment and healing, in some cases more than three years, when you consider orthodontic requirements. It also carries many risks, such as permanent nerve damage, which cannot be taken lightly. Furthermore, in most instances, you will have no clear idea as to what your jaw, teeth, and smile will look like when the surgical process is complete.
Options other than surgery are also available for resolving bite issues, often with greater predictability and lower risks. Dr Cipriani can work with you to discover what is possible, providing you with the option to preview your new bite, teeth and smile or your approval. By using digital or physical models that represent how his design for your mouth will look, patients can work with Dr Cipriani to achieve the smile they were searching for, saving years of treatment time and correcting bite issues at the same time.
In the instance where his non-surgical modelling is not appropriate, patients can pursue the surgical route with increased confidence, knowing that they have pursued and eliminated other less invasive options.
non-surgical bite correction
Our approach to non-surgical bite correction focuses on using conservative methods that produce effective results. We prioritise the preservation of your natural tooth structure while also ensuring that your bite is properly aligned and balanced. Dr Cipriani utilises his ComfortBite process to determine what is possible for you, be that achieving the bite and smile you used to have, or the bite and smile you never had.

Enhanced oral function with Bite Correction Dentistry

Do you have any trouble eating, speaking, or breathing? Malocclusion, commonly referred to as a bad bite, may be the root cause. Dental Crafted provides non-surgical bite correction treatment that can assist you in restoring the balance and functionality of your bite. An indication of improvements possible include:

Enhance your eating experience

A misaligned bite can make it difficult to eat by not allowing efficient food breakdown. Uneven pressure on your teeth may cause discomfort, difficulty chewing, and even digestive problems. Our non-surgical bite correction treatments are designed to maximise your teeth to teeth contact, ensuring greater efficiency when eating and digesting food.
oral function

Alleviate jaw pain and discomfort

An improper alignment of the bite can lead to discomfort, clicking, and pain in the jaw. Our techniques for non-surgical bite correction aim to realign your bite, thereby reducing the strain on your jaw joints. By addressing the underlying issues, we can alleviate problems with the jaw and improve your overall oral health.

Prevent tooth damage

When your bite is not aligned properly, it can cause certain teeth to experience excessive force. This can lead to enamel wear, cracks, and damage to existing dental restorations. Non-surgical bite correction can effectively distribute the biting forces in a balanced manner, which can protect your natural teeth and prolong the life of new and existing dental work.

Rejuvenate your appearance

Over the years, our faces change. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that your bite has changed? Quite often, changes to your teeth and bite will directly influence the way your face looks. For example when there is ‘collapse’ of the lower third of your face due to changes in your teeth and fillings, this causes more lines and wrinkles around your lips and mouth. Sometimes called a Dental Facelift, Dr Cipriani can provide a form of dental work that considers not only your appearance, but also the stability of your teeth, fillings and jaw joints, to the advantage of your greater long term health.

Bite correction to improve snoring and Sleep Apnoea

In addition to medical appliances designed to treat sleep apnoea and snoring, Dr Cipriani is in the unique position of being able to offer bite correction dentistry which can improve your sleep disordered breathing and, in some cases, negate the need for medical appliances altogether. Of course, such treatment is measured and quantified so that degree of improvement can be documented also. Dr Cipriani can assess whether your bite changes have negatively influenced your airways, and whether bite correction dentistry may be an option for you and your health.

Regain confidence in your speech

A bad bite may also affect your speech. Improper alignment of the teeth or jaw can hinder the smooth movement of your lips, tongue, and air passage between these required to create sounds. This can result in speech impediments or, even, fatigue when speaking. Non-surgical bite correction can effectively address these issues and restore proper alignment, which can help you regain confidence in your speech, and communication with others.
Bite correction dentistry

Enquire about Dr Cipriani’s ComfortBite sequence

Bite Correction Dentistry involves taking into consideration how efficient our chewing system is. It also considers what our teeth and jaws have already been through, and how we might improve their relation so that any future dental work lasts as long as possible.

Ask us about our ComfortBite sequence, and how we use this to determine what sort of dentistry can help your bite.

After all, a bad bite is essentially an inefficiency in your body that can lead to premature wear and tear on your teeth, jaw joints, as well as negatively affect your appearance and health.

Positive change starts with a conversation. Functional dentistry can elevate your quality of life and health, so let’s work together to develop your ideal solution.

Bite correction dentistry