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Dental Check-up

Comprehensive dental exam

Is it time for your dental check-up? Take charge of your oral health and book a visit with us now.

Dental Checkup

Your gateway to optimal oral health

Oral health

Our goal is to provide exceptional dental care. While we will gladly rescue you from any dental catastrophe, our priority is to restore you to optimal dental health, and help to keep you there for a lifetime. A dental check-up, or consultation, with Dental Crafted is a thorough assessment of where your dental health has been, where it stands today, and what prospects it has for the future.

We aren’t shy about letting you know what we see; our role is not to conceal or ‘sugar-coat’ your oral health issues but, rather, to expose them and encourage open discussion, while offering practical solutions for your stage in life. An open and honest dialogue about your wants and needs now and into the future is the best way for our dentist / patient relationship to thrive.

Preventive dental approach

Dental Crafted prioritises preventive dental care. Regular dental check-ups are essential to prevent complicated and expensive dental problems. The Australian Dental Association recommends scheduling appointments at least every six months for routine check-ups and hygiene . However, depending on your oral health needs, we may advise more frequent visits to ensure optimal dental care.

Our comprehensive dental check-ups

Beth Before
dental check-up

You may have some idea of what you need, or you may need more extensive guidance. My AIDE process ensures we craft a solution that is sympathetic to your finances, time and long term goals.


We talk about what you would like to achieve, both now and in the future. I then share my philosophies and expertise. This is about ensuring we’re a good fit for a positive client-clinician relationship.


I carefully assess your dental health and ask a series of questions to analyse the implications on your overall health and wellbeing. I align what you want with what you need.


Together we design a tailored treatment plan. Irrespective of the scale of treatment or time frame, this step is crucial for long term success.




I meticulously implement our agreed plan to ensure you look, but more importantly feel, your absolute best.




A new patient consultation is typically a 60 minute appointment where we can appreciate if we’re a good fit for each other. We will bring you up to speed on the array of contemporary dental health checks, and will strive to meet each of your dental goals. Further to this, we believe it is our obligation to advise on any aspect of your health that might be at future risk – we certainly aim to be proactive with your care, with a view to a long-term future together.

Your journey to a healthy smile starts here

Get on the path to a healthier smile. Dental Crafted is committed to providing high-quality personalised care in a friendly and comfortable environment. We understand that complete oral care is the foundation for overall well-being and a confident, beautiful smile.

Our dedicated team happily awaits your visit, ready to provide exceptional care and guidance. Remember, prevention is paramount, and we are here to support you in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. Don’t wait for problems to arise; let Dental Crafted be your partner in preserving your bright smile.

Promoting lifelong oral hygiene

Our passionate dentists are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge and tools to maintain excellent oral health beyond our dental practice. During your check-up, we find great satisfaction in sharing valuable tips, techniques, and personalised recommendations for effective brushing,flossing and general hygiene maintenance. We believe oral health education is one of the most valuable parts of the time we spend together. By working in partnership, we can help you achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Oral hygiene