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dental facelift

Dental Facelift

Rejuvenate your smile

Enhance the beauty of your smile while ensuring ideal jaw function and improved health

Dental facelift

A dental facelift, or dental rejuvenation, is a comprehensive treatment that offers visual and health benefits through a combination of functional and aesthetic procedures. A Dental Facelift provides careful consideration of your jaw position and bite, and uses advanced conservative dental techniques to provide support for your face and joints. This is achieved while strengthening your teeth and old dental work, and all to the advantage of your greater long term health. Cosmetic and Aesthetic treatments can be added to ensure your smile is as beautiful as it is functional.

A dental facelift is not simply providing veneers or crowns, as some dental surgeries claim. In fact, this demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding for what can be achieved or expected from a Dental Facelift.

On the contrary, a properly executed Dental Facelift can provide many lasting advantages:

  • It improves the comfort of your bite.
  • Visible Cosmetic benefits. Helping to reduce or prevent wrinkles and lines around your lower face, while refreshing the look of your smile.
  • Helps relieve pain associated with jaw and bite issues.
  • Improves your airways and quality of sleep.
  • No traditional, invasive surgery needed.
  • Provides stability for your teeth and fillings, for the long term.
dental rejuvenation

Dental facelift approach

Advancements in conservative dental procedures: Dr CIpriani utilises advanced conservative dental techniques to achieve optimal results for the long term.. His preference is always to prioritise the preservation of natural tooth structure and avoid invasive surgeries.

Preserving tooth structure and strengthening old dental restorations: In all cases, the preservation of existing natural tooth ensures long term success and survival of our treatment. It also ensures there are no nasty surprises in years to come. We can also take the opportunity to incorporate the upgrade and strengthening of your old dental work, as required, for long term success.

Providing support for the face and joints: A Dental Facelift creates ideal support for the face and jaw joints. It should aim to reverse the effects of collapsing overlying skin, which otherwise presents as wrinkles and skinfold to the lower third of your face.

Overlaying cosmetic dental treatments for aesthetic enhancement: A dental facelift addresses functional aspects in conjunction with aesthetic dental treatments to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance. Let’s discuss what your ideals look like, so that we can strike the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.

Facial changes and dental influence

The alignment and condition of your teeth, as well as the way you bite, can potentially affect how your face changes as you age. Dental issues that result in a collapsed lower third of the face can cause the formation of additional lines and wrinkles around the lips and mouth. In addition, it has the potential to impact the jaw joints (TMJ), breathing patterns, and your overall quality of sleep. It is essential to recognise these changes to fully understand the advantages of a dental facelift.

Advantages of a dental facelift

Improved comfort of the bite: Facelift Dentistry can enhance the comfort and function of your bite by addressing the position of your jaw relative to your teeth. Improving efficiency of your jaws and bite will lead to muscles and joint relief, as well as less risk of ongoing degeneration of your TMJ.

Visible cosmetic benefits: The purpose of a dental facelift can be seen as an adjunct to traditional cosmetic treatments. By providing ideal skin support, via your teeth and jaws, we minimise the ongoing influence of active wrinkles. This will ensure other cosmetic procedures can function more efficiently also.

Long-term oral health and preservation of teeth and restorations: A dental facelift aims to improve the strength of teeth and any existing dental restorations, leading to better overall oral health in the long run. Optimising the stability of your teeth and dental restorations can reduce your risk of future dental issues and ensure that your dental work lasts longer.

Improved breathing, airway function, and sleep quality: A dental facelift can enhance your ability to breathe during sleep by improving oral volume and reducing the soft tissue collapse that can affect airway function. Enhancing the quality of your sleep can greatly benefit your overall well-being.

Enhanced facial support and rejuvenation: One way to achieve facial rejuvenation is by optimising the position of the jaw and providing support for your lower face. Receiving appropriate dental treatment can help restore facial balance and give you a more youthful and harmonious appearance.

Relief from jaw pain and bite-related discomfort: Misaligned bites or jaw issues often cause jaw pain and discomfort for many individuals. A dental facelift can alleviate pain and discomfort by addressing the root causes of these issues.

No need for traditional invasive surgeries: Our treatment approach provides a non-invasive option that does not involve surgery. Non-invasive procedures eliminate the need for traditional surgery, resulting in less delay, discomfort, and risks typically associated with invasive procedures.

Dental facelift success story

Dental facelift to improve aesthetics, airways and bite

During the first meeting, Dr. Cipriani observed that Faye was organised and neat. Additionally, Faye had a charming and likeable personality. As she reached her early 60s, she observed that her teeth had slowly moved over the years, losing their ability to reflect her warm and friendly nature. She wanted to get her front teeth cleaned because they had stains and fillings.


We used our ComfortBite process to determine the optimal jaw and bite position for Faye. Afterwards, we decided to replace her previous ceramic and resin work. We opted for a combination of porcelain and ceramic veneers and crowns. Additionally, we made some structural improvements to other dentition. Due to previous dental procedures and the natural process of ageing, it was important to find a way to preserve the teeth while also preventing any additional harm.


Faye’s restoration was a success as it achieved a uniform and age-appropriate style that accurately portrayed her unique personality. She looked and felt significantly younger and was enthusiastic about enjoying her life in her 60s and beyond. Sleeping at night became a lot easier for her because her lower face was now better supported.


Dental facelift


Dental facelift

Jaw position and bite considerations in dental facelift

A dental facelift focuses more on the importance of jaw position and bite in achieving long-term stability, comfort, and overall facial support instead of just improving the appearance of your smile. Functional considerations have an impact on the aesthetic results.

Choosing the right treatment approach

The most suitable treatment approach for each patient, such as a dental facelift or a smile makeover, will depend on their specific requirements and goals. If you’re looking to improve your appearance and maintain good oral health, let’s discuss what is possible for you.

Dental facelift vs. smile makeover

A smile makeover focuses mainly on improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile by using different cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and others. On the other hand, a dental facelift takes a more comprehensive approach.

The procedure of a dental facelift requires a thorough evaluation of your jaw position, bite alignment, and overall oral health. This approach utilises conservative dental treatments to provide support for your face and joints, as well as strengthen your teeth and any previous dental work you have had. In addition to improving functionality, a dental facelift also includes aesthetic dental treatments to ensure that your smile looks as great as it feels.

If your teeth are properly aligned, your bite feels comfortable and functions well, and you don’t have any underlying dental problems, a smile makeover could be an excellent choice to enhance your confidence and satisfaction with your smile. Alternatively, a dental facelift can be an ideal solution if you want to address both functional and aesthetic concerns related to your jaw position and bite.

Does it sound like a Dental Facelift is suitable for you?

dental facelift

This advanced dental solution may help you achieve a beautiful smile, improved facial support, and improve your long-term health.

As a Functional and Aesthetic dentist, Dr. David Cipriani is committed to helping you achieve a balance between your oral health, aesthetics, and function. Contact us now to arrange a consultation to see if a dental facelift is suitable for you.

Experience the transformation you’ve been hoping for. To book an appointment, please contact us at 0423 687 331.