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Simulated Smiles

Your vision, our expertise

Discover your potential smile and collaborate with our experienced team to make it a reality.

Simulated smiles

Simulated smiles are an innovative approach to smile design. With Dr. Cipriani’s simulated smiles, you can preview and examine your potential smile prior to undergoing any permanent dental procedures. Our goal is to create a smile that not only meets your aesthetic desires but also complements your personality by utilising advanced dental technology and a collaborative process.

Female smile

Comprehensive digital assessment

Using an intraoral 3D scanner, we capture digital impressions of your teeth. This technique is non-invasive and eliminates the need for traditional, messy impression materials. It provides a highly accurate digital model of your oral structures.

3d teeth

Furthermore, we use Exocad, an advanced dental computer-aided design (CAD) software, to create a precise digital representation of your teeth. This enables us to explore various smile options and provide you with detailed recommendations. With the help of this modelling software, we can precisely manipulate and visualise potential changes to your smile. This will allow you to see the transformative effects that these changes can have on your smile.

These digital assessment tools can help you gain a better understanding of the potential outcomes and allow you to actively participate in the smile design process.

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Collaborative smile design

We believe that designing your perfect smile should be a collaborative effort. Your input is highly valued, and we ensure that you play a vital role in the planning phase. We can establish a solid foundation for a successful smile design journey by understanding your goals and desires while promoting mutual respect and appreciation.

Simulated smile process

Step 1: Appreciate

We take the time to thoroughly understand your aspirations in order to design your ideal smile. We promote open communication and welcome you to share your desired outcome for your smile. Our team believes in sharing their ideas and skills to establish a solid relationship that is built on mutual respect.

Step 2: Investigate

In order to better understand your lifestyle and general well-being, we carefully evaluate your oral health throughout this stage and ask relevant questions. Our objective is to achieve your desired outcome while preserving as much as possible of your natural tooth structure. This approach provides additional dental work as your requirements and preferences change.

Step 3: Design

This is where the exciting part starts. During the design phase, we will discuss the aesthetics of your teeth, enamel, fillings, gums, lips, and facial features. We utilise digital 3D scanners and Exocad software to create a simulated smile, which enables you to preview and look into your new smile design before making a permanent treatment decision. Ensuring that the design aligns with your personality and functions optimally is crucial.

Step 4: Collaboration and refinement

Your feedback is highly valued, and we strongly encourage collaboration at every stage of the design process. We will collaborate until you are fully satisfied with the suggested smile design, making any necessary adjustments or tweaks along the way. At every stage, we prioritise your comfort and confidence.

Step 5: Execute

Once we have the smile design that you have approved, we can start the process of creating your ideal smile. Our team of skilled professionals will prioritise your comfort and safety while performing the necessary procedures. We will guide you through every step of the treatment process, giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain optimal dental health between appointments.

3d teeth
Personalised smiles with visagism

Personalised smiles with visagism

Visagism is a fundamental concept that we incorporate into our work. It allows us to design a smile that complements your distinct personality and way of life. We take into account the shape of your teeth and align them with your unique characteristics to ensure that your smile is genuine and reflects your personal values and outlook on life.

Personalised smiles with visagism

Bringing your dream smile to life

Your smile ought to reflect your authentic self, giving you greater confidence to fully embrace life. With Simulated Smiles, we take a collaborative and personalised approach to smile design. We ensure that you are actively involved in the process and are able to envision your dream smile before making any permanent decisions. Book a consultation now and let us begin the journey of creating your ideal smile together.

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