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smile makeover

Smile Makeover

Unleash your true smile potential

Transform your smile, boost your confidence, and radiate happiness with a personalised smile makeover.

Smile makeover

A Smile Makeover involves one or more Aesthetic dental treatments that work together to create a beautiful and confident smile. This may include Teeth whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Cosmetic Bonding, Invisalign (teeth straightening), Gum Lifts and Gummy Smile correction, or a variety of other treatment options that I offer. The goal of a smile makeover is for you to feel more confident, empowered and happy about your smile.

A Smile Makeover is generally suitable when your teeth are in good position, your bite is comfortable and working efficiently, and you are without any aches and pains. After a smile makeover, many people feel a sense of greater confidence and empowerment, as well as a more positive attitude toward their oral health.

Common aesthetic dental treatments

Several aesthetic dental treatments that may be considered when designing your smile makeover.

  • Teeth whitening is an aesthetic procedure that effectively eliminates stains and discolouration, resulting in a brighter and whiter appearance of your teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers are customised, thin shells made of ceramic that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth to enhance their shape, size, colour, and overall appearance.
  • Cosmetic bonding involves applying a tooth-coloured resin material directly to the teeth to address minor imperfections like chips, cracks, or gaps.
  • Invisalign is an innovative treatment for straightening teeth that involves using a series of clear aligners. This method offers a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces.
  • Gum lifts and gummy smile correction aim to enhance the appearance of the gum line, resulting in a more harmonious and attractive smile. These treatments involve reshaping and contouring the gums to achieve the desired outcome.
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Transforming confidence and happiness

A smile makeover can greatly enhance your self-esteem and enable you to express yourself more confidently by addressing your specific concerns and aligning your smile with your desired aesthetic goals. A confident smile can improve your social interactions and leave a lasting impression.

In addition, the simple act of smiling can trigger the release of endorphins, which are natural chemicals that enhance mood, leading to a more optimistic perspective and better emotional well-being. Choosing to get a smile makeover can be a worthwhile investment in oneself. A smile that truly reflects your personality can improve your sense of confidence and bring you immense happiness every time you see yourself in the mirror.

Phillip’s smile makeover journey

Smile makeover with the added benefit of bite correction dentistry

Phillip had undergone lengthy orthodontic treatment since childhood, which included bonding. However, he always felt that the results did not match his confident personality.


We utilised a simulated smile, collaborated closely with Phillip during the digital planning phase, and incorporated our ComfortBite sequence to achieve optimal function and aesthetics. This technique enabled the creation of extremely conservative porcelain restorations that did not require the use of anaesthesia during tooth shaping.


The outcome was a smile makeover that was both subtle and defining in terms of functionality. Our patient was thrilled with the outcome of his journey, as his smile now reflects his personality and sense of self.

Suitability and considerations for smile makeovers

A smile makeover is typically appropriate when specific criteria are fulfilled. Some important factors to consider before pursuing any cosmetic dental procedures are having properly aligned teeth as a basis for aesthetic improvements, ensuring a comfortable and effective bite for sustained oral function, and being free of any pre-existing dental problems or discomfort.

In order to assess whether a smile makeover is appropriate for you, it is essential to undergo a thorough evaluation of your oral health. During a dental evaluation, Dr Cipriani will assess the alignment of your teeth, the effectiveness of your bite, and any existing dental issues.

The evaluation is intended to help develop a personalised treatment plan to meet your individual requirements and goals. The treatment plan will outline all the necessary procedures required to achieve optimal results throughout your smile makeover journey. It is important to consult with your dentist to ensure that any underlying dental issues are addressed and resolved. This reduces the risk of complications and helps to maximise the longevity of your dental treatment.

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Differentiating smile makeovers and dental facelifts

When considering cosmetic dental procedures, it is important to distinguish between a smile makeover and a dental facelift. While both may result in an improvement to your smile, there are key differences in the approach, planning and execution of these very different treatment options. You should look past the simple marketing that some surgeries project, and ensure that you are presented with the most appropriate options for your long term health.

A dental facelift requires careful consideration of your jaw position and bite and goes beyond just enhancing your appearance. This approach is comprehensive and utilises advanced conservative dental techniques to provide support for your face and joints while also strengthening teeth and any old dental work. A dental facelift not only enhances the appearance of your smile but also improves your function while also laying a foundation for continued oral health.

Choosing the right approach for your needs

A smile makeover is generally suitable when your teeth are in a good position, your bite is comfortable and working efficiently, and you are without any aches and pains. In other words, your concerns are purely aesthetic, and you are looking to tidy up or completely overhaul your smile.If you are worried about your bite, jaw alignment, or need extensive functional enhancements, a Dental Facelift by Dr Cipriani can provide a comprehensive solution that focuses on both aesthetics and functionality.

Take the first step

Book a consultation for a Smile Makeover

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During a consultation, you can discuss your smile goals, express any concerns you may have, and explore the different treatment options that are available to achieve your desired smile transformation. This opportunity allows you to ask questions, gain a better understanding of the process, and achieve clarity regarding what to expect throughout your smile makeover journey.

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