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Treating symptoms of Head, Neck,
Jaw Pain & TMJD

Treating symptoms of Head, Neck, Jaw Pain & TMJD

Treating symptoms of Head, Neck, Jaw Pain & TMJD with Therapeutic Injectables (Botox and Dysport).

You shouldn’t have to live with the persistent symptoms of head, neck & jaw pain forever.

People with head, neck and jaw pain search for relief in any number of ways. While they may experience some relief from physio, chiro, acupuncture or medication, the real cause of the pain is rarely addressed, so the symptoms often come back.

Often sufferers will tend to normalise the pain, i.e. “this is just how I am”, or simply lay blame on some small part of their lives, such as working from a computer.

Many will incorrectly self-diagnose, i.e.. “it’s just a migraine”, and many people find themselves on the medical merry-go-round, where they’re passed from clinician to clinician, trialing any number of treatments (valid or otherwise), racking up considerable bills in the process.

Generally, when people have consistent discomfort, it slowly wears them down and starts to influence the decisions they make and how they live their lives.

Therapeutic Injectables, such as Botox and Dysport, can provide extended relief of pain in a safe and reliable manner; particularly for those who experience destructive grinding, clenching, and suffer from head, neck and jaw pain.

With pain relief comes the energy and clarity you need so that we can work together to identify the true source of your discomfort.

“I’ve provided thousand of injections and helped hundreds of patients overcome persistent jaw, neck and head pain.”

In addition to his training as a progressive generalist, and post graduate studies in reconstructive dentistry, Dr Cipriani has completed studies in Canada with PTIFA, The Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics, with a specific focus on the use of Therapeutic Injectables for use in the head, neck & smile.

This university-level and state-accredited training differs from many ‘cosmetic injectors’ who have simply undertaken free training provided by manufacturers of the relevant products.

Dr David Cipriani

What are the primary benefits of using Therapeutic Injectables for relieving head, neck & jaw pain?

  • Relaxation of the muscles involved in opening and closing the jaw: Primarily those responsible for grinding and clenching, headaches, and TMJ Disorder symptoms which can present as head and neck pain.
  • Botulinum toxin (such as Botox and Dysport) has provided long-term relief of TMJ Disorder by reducing the intensity, frequency, and duration of pain episodes. Adverse side effects from BoNT injections are uncommon, mild and transient making it an attractive option for therapy of myofascial (muscles of the face) & associated pain.

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